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Beef Netting (Polyester) - Trenton Mills
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Beef Netting (Polyester)

4.75 5 4 Product
$35.00 each


Our Beef Netting is perfect for beef, horse or loin!

Available in a variety of weights, materials or packaging, it's versatile enough for every need. We can sew to your specifications or ship it as bulk or rolled tubing.

Additionally, some of our customers have found a more unconventional use for it, Halloween Decorations!

Check out our Halloween page for more information and some photos from some our the haunts using Trenton Mills' beef netting! Each pound of Polyester Beef Netting yields approximately 13 yards of material.

List of the comments:
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8 of 11 find it helpful
2023-08-05 01:03
Need pricing for more rolls. Haunted House and shipping pricing to Phoenix AZ
5 1 5
5.5 of 6 find it helpful
2023-08-18 11:20
3rd year in a row purchasing for haunt. Thank you so much!
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5 1 5
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2024-03-18 06:36
So much better than the spiderwebs in the store. I get hundreds of compliments every year and took second place in the city decorating competition!
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1 of 1 find it helpful
2024-06-12 15:50
Works perfectly around trees and bushes

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