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Enhance Your Haunt

The perfect addition to your halloween decor

Many of our customers are outside the meat packaging industry. In fact, they don't use our beef netting for business purchases at all!

Used to create spooktacular webs for both indoor and outdoor displays, as well as corpsing material for bluckies, our beef netting is a favorite among Halloween enthusiasts.

Check out our photo gallery below for some great ideas, and if you need help setting up your haunt, be sure to watch Cathy LeBeau's video below for some assistance.

Spider Web Instructions

The beef netting comes in tube form. To make spider webs the tube is cut to desired length on one side of the tube to make into a flat  panel. Then panel should be stretched and edges tacked very taut where spider web effect is desired. Using a sharp object such as an Exacto knife or sharp box cutter, poke or slash the stretched panel several times to give the desired spider web desired. It is very important to have it stretched as tight as possible to give best results. If placing in a location where it cannot be tacked tight before cutting holes, holes can be cut prior to tacking up.

This product is a very stretchy, natural off-white color but can be dyed. Fire retardant can be applied to Style 1840-46, as it is a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend.

The tube is approximately 12 inches wide before cutting into flat panel (approximately 24 inches when cut flat). The Poly-Cotton Blend yields approximately 12 yards per pound, while the Polyester Netting yields approximately 13 yards per pound.


This product is not for children, as handling of a sharp object is required.