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Beef Netting (Polyester)

Our beef netting is perfect for beef, horse or loin!

Available in a variety of weights, materials or packaging, it's versatile enough for every need. We can sew to your specifications or ship it as bulk or rolled tubing.

Additionally, some of our customers have found a more unconventional use for it, Halloween Decorations! Check out our Halloween page for more information and some photos from some our the haunts using Trenton Mills' beef netting! Each pound of Polyester Netting yields approximately 13 yards of material.


Price per Roll: $35.00

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Kathleen lenea on 09-30-2019 03:24 AM
This stuff is great for my halloween decorations. The spider webs I made are huge and super creepy. Great product.
PartyGirlOnWheels on 10-11-2020 03:15 PM
Nice Customer Service. If using for ? Webs, netting goes a long way! $20 Shipping
Tanya on 08-09-2021 10:55 PM
Best stuff ever for spider web. I have pictures if some one would like to see them. I did a spider web tunnel and also did a spider web cover over my deck.
Jenny Taylor on 08-21-2021 11:50 PM
Krazee Kraftz in Australia distributes this and it is selling like hot cakes!!

thanks Trenton Mills for selling to us!!!
Natalie on 09-21-2021 10:48 PM
Trenton Mills beef netting for spider webs is definitely a HOT trend this year
With LED lights reflecting off the netting, my display looks huge!!
Thank you to all the folks at Trenton Mills for all your help and support.
It truly is a privilege working with you!
Matthew on 09-25-2021 08:54 PM
I found this company and product by chance when looking into creating a giant spider with spider webs. This product is amazing and is exactly what I needed for my 20ft diy giant spider and spider webs! This company has excellent customer service. I ordered a 10lb roll and it was lost in transit to my home. I contacted Trenton Mills and they were able to send me another roll while I waited for the shipping company to resolve my issue. If I could leave a photo of what my spider webs look like I would. Hands down the best for spider webs!
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